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What Flowers Are Best for Summer?


What flowers should you be planting during the summer? Read on to find out more.

Summer is here and your garden is, hopefully, packed with beautiful bountiful blooms. If you haven’t finished all of your summer gardening yet, or if you are already planning ahead for next year, here are some of the beautiful flowers that are known for thriving in the summer heat and blooming consistently throughout the fall.


Aster flowers are incredibly tough perennials that will easily boom throughout the heat of summer and just about nonstop in the fall, as long as you deadhead them. Aster is also great for people who are not as skilled when it comes to gardening, since you won’t need to constantly monitor or hover over them to make sure that they are handling the heat. Aster can be purchased in 1-gallon cans from a nursery and they are typically available in lavender, pink, or white.

Gloriosa Daisy

These beautiful flowers have deep chocolate centers and gorgeous golden petals. The flowers can grow to an amazing 3-4 feet tall and 1 ½ feet wide. Shorter and smaller varieties can top out at a mere 10 inches, to blend in with other flowers or plantings.


This unique flower can be recognized from about a mile away! Dahlias are available in every color under the sun, with a range of bright and bold colors that would put a smile on anyone’s face. Dahlias last well in the heat and will continue blooming throughout the fall months. Dahlias also offer the added benefit of providing shade in hot areas (to other plants and smaller flowers).

Purple Fountain Grass

This plant is very common in cold areas of the country thanks to its pretty appearance and hardiness. Purple fountain grass has feathered, rosy plumes that fade to beige. While it is perhaps most common in colder climates, it handles the heat very well and can stick around long after fall has concluded.  This plant looks especially pretty when paired with other flowers, like gloriosa daisies or purple cornflower.

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